Welcome to The Forum

I've never been able to get behind blogging. Not the idea of it, but simply because it wasn't something I felt I could do or was comfortable with. Posting about myself every day felt annoying and talking about my outfits got old fast. I wanted to write about other things, but the blog-o-sphere–no matter how big–still categorizes bloggers and no label felt fitting.

This isn't to say there aren't bloggers who blow my mind and the industry. They cultivate stories and outfits and ideas that make blogging worth their readers' time (I could list them all but that would take a while). 

This became an issue because there were (and are) things I wanted to talk about, I wanted to write, and I missed putting words down on a page. Freelancing was an option–but it has it's restrictions. If you happen to land a gig, it's on the company's terms and you write what you promised and what they want to hear. Working for a magazine is another goal of mine, but you're catering your words to a specific audience. I also wanted to hear thoughts and ideas from other people. Writers, yes, but even those outside the industry. 

I felt sick of themes and boundaries, but wanted somewhere other than a journal to put my thoughts and allow the thoughts of others to be pushed into the universe. So that's why I created The Forum. So I could write, you could write, and anyone could write and be published. 

Here's a space that might be considered a blog, but with a different structure. If you're interested in contributing or writing a thoughtful post about anything that makes you tick, jump for joy, or keeps you up at night (ideas, frustrations, accomplishments, studies/research, style, creations, art projects, sports analyses–yes just about anything) send them over at the submission box under my "About" page. If you're also interested in submitting original photos, works of art, or anything of that sort along with your post or even captions for your work: don't hesitate! Let's make some words.